Wild bird seed and wild bird food difficult to buy as all sold out with many items

With the widespread problems widely with panic buying at various stores and shops nationwide in the UK at present. I’m getting short with wild bird seed and wild bird food and believe it or not as I’m trying to buy the items for my bird feeders and bird table there’s also widely a shortage of the items for buying bird seed and bird food completely sold out. I’m self isolating for 12 weeks as mentioned in another thread. Has anyone else had problems like myself with buying food for there bird feeders and bird table.



  • Try  THIS WEBSITE  Ian       I have used this company many times and they are excellent.  


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  • I've used the same website and the quality and service is excellent. I've also used THIS SITE which is a little more expensive but very good. Order before 1 pm for next day delivery. As with all these companies it's cheaper to buy in bulk.

    I can't imagine why there's a shortage unless people are eating it. It is possible there might be delays in delivery in the present difficulties.



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    I use the same site. I ordered a couple of bags this week and they turned up within 48 hours

    Richard B

  • Hi Ian, I ordered sunflower hearts & two types of suet pellets last week & order came in 3 days ... very good quality as always at really competitive prices, been a customer for several years!


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