Garden visitors

These are some recent visitors.

   A few arrived, then a few more and then there were 20 or so.  They still come but not in such great numbers and also visit the front garden where they regularly argue with the magpies, and each other.  

 I was very surprised to see these two.  They used to live in the trees next to us but gradually the trees have died or been removed so they moved on, and then the sparrows returned.

There are now 12 sparrows living in the front and side garden who seem to be very at home.  One pair 2018, 3 pairs early 2019  and then 12!

  • (I regularly clean the ground but the starlings made such a mess)

  •    What is this bird?  It looks like a giant female blackbird, but not quite.

  •  17 collared doves


    I know very different to Hazy's Australian examples but we still get excited by all the visitors.

  • Hi Pirate you are getting some lovely visitors to the garden.
    Yep it is a female Blackbird.

    My Flickr photos


    Hello Alan,

    Thank you, we are so lucky as there is always something going on and all the visitors seem to find their place and get along including the squirrel.

    I haven't managed to photograph the blackcap yet.  I am looking forward to the Birdwatch as I then have an excuse to sit for a whole hour watching all the birds.

  • Some fab visitors there especially the woodpecker, and I think a song thrush, below it :o)
  • You are getting some lovely visitors to your feeders TP, thanks for sharing. Any excuse to sit and watch the birds!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Great to see the lovely visitors to your garden Pirate and amazing to see 17 Collared Doves


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • PB is it a song or mistle thrush? I keep taking photographs and trying to see, it has been a regular visitor for a couple of years now, I guess the same one as always only one.

    Hello CL, how are you up yonder? My photographs and watching are always in passing so I have my binos and camera strategically placed to grab quickly.

    Hazy I was very lucky to be able to photograph all 17 collared doves and that is the most I have counted to date. They work well clearing up the mess the starlings make, they are terribly destructive.
  • IMO it is a Song Thrush, looking a video on both. I am doing fine up here, thanks!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.