Can anyone advise me of any locations where Dippers can be seen regularly. Have been told that they have been seen close to Conwy reserve. Particularly interested in info from Devon area and North Wales, Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire.

Thankx in advance

John Tilly

  • Are you anywhere near the River Dart John

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  • I will be on holiday in Dartmouth area next summer.and able to explore!
  • I know Bob who is on here lived down there for a while and got some on the river Dart, I've just done a search on Flickr and photos come up from Devon and North Wales.
    Hopefully Bob will be on later and maybe he can give you more info.

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  • Hi John,   take a look HERE and scroll down for some areas listed for Dipper sightings.      I have seen them along the  River Dove, Derbyshire but too far away from where you want.  


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  • John, We've seen Dippers in the Forest of Dean, just outside the Dean Heritage Centre. Try checking a few Gloucestershire birding sites for more specific help (and as others mentioned above, Bob will probably reply with good information about that area). Try: www.birdforum.net/showthread.php and ww2.rspb.org.uk/.../ and theglosterbirder.co.uk/ .

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  • Devon - dippers can be seen on the River Dart - turn off the A38 onto the A384 to Totnes. Shortly after that the road runs alongside the Dart and there are several places where you can pull over and get to the river. Also a good chance of seeing kingfisher. Dartmeet is also a good spot. Also go to Shipley Bridge and walk up to Avon dam and you should se Dipper on the river there, possibly Hen Harriers and the winter Thrushes should be gathering there too. Worth checking out Devon Birders website www.devonbirds.org/home. Gloucestershire - go to the Forest of Dean and go to Parkend and take the road to Whitecroft - park opposite Dean forest cycles and cross the little stream - you can often see Dipper off the bridge but you can also walk up the stream. Parkend also has Crossbills and Hawfinch in different areas as well as the chance of seeing Goshawk. Dippers can also be found at Cannop ponds in the stream that runs out of the main pond or park in by the stone works a little further along the road and where the stream leaves that second pond you can often see Dipper.




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    Thanks Hazel. I actually live about 1.5hrs from the River Dove. Can you be anymore precise please. The locations quoted are probable holiday locations next year.
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    Thanks much appreciated

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    Thanks Bob, much appreciated

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    John T said:
    actually live about 1.5hrs from the River Dove. Can you be anymore precise please

    I used to walk along the River Dove between the village of Hartington and Dovedale;    as with all sightings it can vary,  on occasions I have seen 6 different dippers along half that section of river and on other shorter walks I've seen none, sometimes they are hard to spot even when there as they tend to lurk in the darker recesses and shady side of the rivers most of the time, other times they zip by at low level just above the surface of the river.     To be honest I would opt for the locations Bob has given you as a good start in search of dippers.  



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