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as part of my EPQ, (in college), I am studying the effects of 5G Radiation on birds. I have to have a survey section with answers collected, so I was wondering if anyone had the time to fill it out? it takes pretty much two minutes. I hope it's not too much to ask. 

No-ones names/addresses or anything like that are needed, so I don't need any personal information. Just a sort of general knowledge question. 

I also don't know if this is allowed in the chat :0 

if it isn't, let me know and I will ask elsewhere. I just thought that because you are all interested in birds, you will be a more useful target audience!

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Link to survey:

  • Kizzy,

    I'll be honest with you, and hopefully you'll see that I'm trying to be helpful.

    I think a few more questions would be needed.

    I've had a look at the survey, and refuse to answer the questions, mainly because they appear to be anti-5G.

    5G is basically the same as 4G, only a faster network.

    I'm not going to get involved with the technical details, because some times I do wonder if any radio frequency does have some impact.

    As a keen amateur photographer, I've often noticed some insects will move the instant the autofocus has locked on to them (possibly a strange coincidence, I don't know), but likewise, many times when they haven't moved as the AF locks on.


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  • I'm with Mike - the survey needs to be addressed and some meaningful questions asked.

    For starters, if the survey s about 5G and Birds - leave the questions specifically to birds. If it is about wildlife inn general, then ask about wildlife in general.

    Then you need to ask whether people have observed any different/unusual behaviour in the locality of the 5G networks and what it is that they have observed. That is the kind of first hand information that you need to collect.

    Asking people what they "know" about 5G and its effects is irrelevant surely - what they know about 5G and its effects will be second hand and be based on where the knowledge was gained, in asking that question you need to ask for a source of the information. There is a lot of difference between learning about 5G from the media than from a scientific paper.

    I'm afraid I can't answer your survey on that basis.




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  • In reply to Mike B:

    thank you for the advice, as we speak I am editing it, i can understand how it would come across as anti-5G and that wasn't my intention!