Just come across this on the BBC website that anyone who goes out walking may find useful.


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  • Thanks Alan, I'd heard about it but didn't know what it was called or where to find it. Now installed on my phone.



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  • I'd never heard of it Tony, it looks amazing technology, I've installed it too.

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  • Useful app to have loaded on the mobile so thanks for the link Alan, I hadn't heard of it before either.


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  • An interesting App and I have installed it too. It was interesting to see how far off the location was when used indoors - if I quoted the 3 words that the App gives for my location then it is 2 streets off and they would be at the wrong house in an emergency. That said, with the map overlay you can get a more precise location and it will be interesting to see how much more accurate it is when out of doors. I appreciate that out in the wild that getting someone to within a 100 meters of you is always a great bonus and sight and sound can take over then.




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