Bird nest help please!!


I'm new here and hoping someone can advise me!

My little one found an empty bird nest on the way home from school, it's very small and was found on the road. There are lots of nests very high in the trees nearby and birds, but this one appears to have dropped out. By the time it was found it already looked damaged and sadly its location was susceptible to children kicking it and walking in it or cars running over it..

I work in education and would obviously love to take this in as an educational piece to learn about bird wildlife; but I am wary of whether this would be seen as Okay?? As I said the nest looks damaged, it cannot be placed in a tree as they were not accessible and I'd rather not leave it on the road!

Or do I have to find a place for this Even at the risk of it being ruined?

Again, the nest is completely empty and has no signs of usage.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!