Injured Juvenile Collared Dove

Hello, I found a juvenile collared dove in my backyard a few days ago. It was just sat in front of my door and didn’t budge when I came out, it allowed me to pick it up without any resistance.

Upon seeing the dove walk I saw that it had a significant limp and I took it to the vet, who said that the leg is not broken but it is injured so needs time to heal.  They gave it me back  as they said they would put it down otherwise. I bought a large cage to house it in and have given it seed, water and some cut up carrots, lettuce and broccoli.  When it is walking normally again should I release it?  Or because of his/her age, will it not fare well in the wild and therefore should I keep it?  Any and all advice is welcome.



  • A large bird cage I should have said
  • Hello Natell, it is good that you took the bird to the vet and are now caring for it. We have a member on here who rescues, pigeons as well as other birds, I am sure that he will be able to give good advice to you if he reads this. Good luck.

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  • Hi Natell well done on not leaving it with the vet, I did the same thing a few years ago when I found a Racing Pigeon unable to fly, I bought a large bird cage (was surprised how cheap I got one for LOL).
    I kept the Pigeon for about 4 days until it was able to fly again and then let him go.
    They like seed, especially fond of sunflower hearts but that could become expensive but general seed should be ok.
    Whereabouts are you? you could try looking here to see if there is anyone close by to give you help/advice.

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