Taken for ever to access Places to visit and also taken ages to change from one reserve to another in Place to Visit blogs

Its taken for ever to access Places to visit or from each reserve with blogs taken ages to change to another and it's been like that since this forum upgrade and nothing seems to have been done about this. And of course no one from the RSPB here to reply to our worries as I expected, appart from a few selected forum members chosen to take part in discussing this forum, while the majority of the forum members have no say. It all seems very quiet now and nothing to hear from above from the RSPB headquarters The Lodge!



  • Thomo,

    Re the first couple of lines of your post, as mentioned previously, performance issues are very, very ,very often local issues, not website issues. i.e. something within a user's four walls. If it is website type issues, everyone else using it would be affected.