Rare visitor to Scotland

Spent a few hours sitting in the Gilman hide at Vane Farm reserve yesterday, hiding from the rain and wind, and managed to capture photos of one of a couple of Little Egrets hanging around the area. Patience paid off as it came right up to the hide.

Apologies if the photos don't look sharp, butthey were taken through rain lashed windows

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  • Hi Martin, looks like your patience and braving the elements paid off with the lovely photo captures of the L.Egret, thanks for sharing.


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • They are very elegant looking birds so I'm glad you managed to photograph one despite the bad weather. I'm spoiled down south as they are quite a common sight.



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  • Shame about the weather but you got to see the Little Egret and they are a nice looking bird I will be seeing some in the next few day but hopefully in better weather Martin.


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