I’m really worried about a no deal happening and what it will mean for wildlife protection laws and for the environment in the UK

  • Most members on this forum have kept very quiet about leaving or staying in the EU, whatever way they voted, And of course that’s correct ast this forum hopefully is non political, just as the RSPB are. But I’m sure many RSPB members and non members who are keen birdwatchers like myself as well as other wildlife as well, must be very concerned about the the possibility of a no deal happening over leaving the EU whichever way you voted in the referendum 3 years ago and the ramification foe wildlife protection laws and also UK enviromental laws. I’m still unsure what will happen to wildlife laws and environmental laws if we leave with a no deal. It’s the uncertainty of not known what will happen if we end up with a no deal. Nothing might happen. But I’m really worried. I would be interested to hear other members opinions and possible worries like myself.