Make space for nature

Sorry, I'm on my soapbox again, after hearing of planning approvals for four green spaces I know well, for housing.
First, this is NOT to have a go at the RSPB's "Make space for nature theme", I'm actually sympathetic towards it.
It is a dig at society, organisations and planning.
We're forever being told bird counts are seriously down on many species, habitats are being lost and we're not being green enough.
Because developers, planning depts and others, are taking up at a rapid speed, open green spaces for development of one form or another.
And the government, very good at "talking the talk", but rarely "walking the walk", one classic example is HS2!
While we can all do our bit as individuals, I feel it is long overdue that those large organisations who plan these developments need to take their share of the responsibility in protecting nature and maintaining these green spaces rather than desecrating them.
While nature generally is very resilient, it does need help, and developments on green spaces, are not being supportive.


Flickr Peak Rambler