Starting my photography journey - very slowly!

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    Hello Catlady - Thanks for the kindly welcome! Greetings to you, too...

    I've only ventured as far north as Fort William - it's a long way from East Anglia!  I am hoping to get up there once I retire - only 3 years to go, hurrah!

    The birds seem a bit puzzled by the niger seed feeder - the slots are tiny... Maybe we ought to send them a Youtube video to assist?? 

    Karen B Suffolk
  • Good luck with the new camera - I hope your birds take less time to learn to use their new feeder Seriously, it does take a bit of time to get used to all the options a camera like that offers if you're not used to it, but don't be afraid to experiment, have fun and most of all, don't worry about the mistakes. We all still make them, and you can see some fine examples of all types in the Bad Photos thread!


    Nige   Flickr

  • Belated birthday greetings Karen,I hope you get a great deal of pleasure from your new camera and amaze us all with the superb pictures you are going to take.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

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    Hi Seaman. Many thanks for the greetings and good wishes. As you get older, birthdays are less exciting - but this one has stood out for me due to the wonderful time I'm having snapping everything in sight - or even not in sight (ho ho!). 

    No amazing photos as yet - but I am a very patient person, and will stick at things, and enjoy improving. 

    I even took a photo of the super blood wolf moon at 5.12 am this morning - at least I took about 10, but most were just black!!

    Karen B Suffolk
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    Thanks, Nigel. I am sure they will, given how very cold it's getting. I did see a blue tit sitting there staring at the feeding holes, putting his head on one side, then deciding he'd rather shop at the Other Place (ie the sunflower feeder) as it was easier!! LOL

    I have been having fun experimenting - not sure my camera (which is sure to get a name soon - most things of interest get one in our household) - is enjoying it, though!

    Karen B Suffolk
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    Hi James - what a revelation! I didn't actually notice that little dial thingy - and now I can actually see through the viewfinder... Hurrah! Thank you so much for the tip...

    Karen B Suffolk
  • At my first photography lesson, we learnt (amongst other things) about White Balancing... and tried it out in the local park. The penny has dropped as a result:

    Hmm - very bluey tinge

    This one is more like it, though it was much brighter/sunnier in reality...

    Karen B Suffolk
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    As they say Karen, practice makes perfect, good luck.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    Thanks, Catlady - I am so enjoying it all!

    Karen B Suffolk
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    Hurrah! Our shy goldfinch has spotted the feeder, and spent some time having his Deluxe Dinner on it today. Maybe he was celebrating Burns Night? Wot, no Haggis??!

    Karen B Suffolk