Today Was The Day

I always know it’s coming and yet I always forget, therefore it always takes me by surprise. I mentioned it to Mrs A only the other week, and still I forgot to look out for it. It’s always on a Friday and yet it still managed creep up on me once more. I normally finish work at 4:30pm on a Friday so that’s the reason it’s always on a Friday each year when it happens. If I finished work at my usual later time it would likely have been another week or so before it happened.

I got home from work around 4:50pm tonight and as I opened the gate to the back garden, there it was.!! The bottom of the garden.!! I could see it before the security light came on. :-)

It was very still this evening and that made it so much better. The stillness brought with it a distinct smell, or perhaps it’s just the feeling of a smell, or something I can’t quite put my finger on, but I do always feel it. The tingle of excitement when each year I first notice the daytime extending after the dark months of winter. I know we could still get a bad spell of weather, and we probably will, but every year when this day creeps up on me, in those brief seconds I get flashes of information all at the one time. Perhaps not like my life flashing before me, but definitely images of Warblers, Swifts, Swallows, birdsong, green things sprouting etc. I could almost swear to being able to smell the winter changing. I suppose that those further south than me may have already noticed this, and those further north perhaps not, but for me it was today, around 4:50pm when I opened the back gate and I could see the bottom of the garden. :-)

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