Online Membership Renewal

Just wondered if anyone else has had problems over the last few days before I speak to the membership team next week.

I filled in online form but received an error message when I submitted it asking for the form to be re-entered only get the same error.. Having decided to leave it and try later I did just that and was immediately informed that membership for my account had been completed. I then checked my bank account and found that not only had I been debited twice on one of the two payments an additional 'gift' had been added to the tune of £48 so I have currently paid three years subs. I have emailed the subscription team but given the timing don't expect an immediate response hence leaving it 'til next week to chase up. My only income is my state pension so I need to sort it pretty quickly.

It would be useful to know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Thanks and Happy New Year