Another attempt at "proper" birding

I had no ill effects from either Christmas food or the chest problem that started before Christmas,it was a glorious winters afternoon so we had no excuse for not trying some proper birding that we had not been able to fit in over the last couple of weeks. Our local reserve,about 10 mins drive away can be quite good for both Gull roosts and Starling murmurations. As it was the last couple of hours of daylight we thought this would be our best bet. By the time we sorted ourselves out the light was fading a bit so we walked to what we consider the best viewpoint to watch for Starlings. We were in luck as within 5 minutes of getting set up small groups of birds were moving in and performing a little dance over the reed beds. As the flocks gathered together we began to get a proper display with probably 5,000 birds doing their best dance. Not big as the size of murmurations goes but it seemed pretty good to us and lasted 20/25 minutes before they all dived to roost in the reeds and the show was over. A nice return to some proper birding again,let's hope it continues.