More from Iceland, 15 Iceland: Beach, Sea and more Waterfalls

Saturday 15 December saw us on our last organised trip. This was a n all day trip to the south coast. The plan was to drive all the way to Vik on the south coast while it was still dark and visit the beach and cliffs there - like lots of Icealand beaches the sands would be black and the sea would probably be rough. Sad;y it was a grey day, overcast and almost the shortest day in the year. Following on from the beach and lunch, we would then head back to reykjavik calling in at 2 more waterfalls. 

First visit was at at Reynisfajara beach just before Vik

Note the Basalt columns, as at te Giant's causeway.

A group of photographers with their model for dramatic pictures. poor girl was not only probably frozen but the photographers were also using her as shield to protect them form the waves - the sea was so rough and unpredictable that random waves would sweep much further up the beach, catching people unawares.

Next stop was further round the headland where we had lunch and looked back at the same rocky headland and were given the historical reason behind the rocks in the sea. It seems tha a 3 masted schooner was spotted one evening in trouble off the headland and  2 trolls decided to try and help. They struggled against the wind and waves all night and managed to keep the schooner away from the rocks. However they were so involved that they failed to notice the sunrise and as we all know any troll caught out in the sun is turned to rock, along with anything that it is touching. So the rock pillars are the 3 masted schooner and the 2 trolls.

Then we moved on to the first of the 2 waterfalls that we would visit.

First up is the huge cascade of Skogafoss

Second waterfall of the day was Seljalandsfoss. An interesting waterfall that you can actually walk behind.