Iceland, 10 December - Geyser, Waterfall and Tectonic Plates

On Monday 10 December we took our second tout in Iceland. The weather was grey and overcast and it had snowed lightly overnight. We visited Geysir area of hot springs and presumably the origin of the generic term geyser. The main Geysir erupted roughly every 7 minutes or so but not with the consistency of Yellowstone's Old Faithful. Sometimes the eruption would be high and sometimes dis appointingly low. The turquoise really was visible as the eruptions bubble started. 

A high eruption

An old geyser pool that no longer erupts

One of the lower eruptions

The next stop was the waterfall Gullfoss, an amazing double layered waterfall where the noise was deafening, increased by the fact there was also a howling gale.

How many frozen vikings can you see in this picture.

The last visit of the day was to the area where the American and European tectonic plates can be seen in action. 


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