Must this ridiculous B***k Friday even invade our reserves?

It's bad enough to walk into an RSPB shop and see flaming Christmas crackers on sale in JULY (for goodness sake!).  Do you really have to put visitors through the imported and frankly rip-off practice of Black Friday?  Shouldn't our reserves be a safe haven from this kind of relentless consumerism?

GIVE US A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!

(Rant over)

  • I agree with you Clare, but I just got a good  Black Friday deal for my mobile no 100% if this was anything to do with it or they just added the title to make you think you were getting a deal :) 

  • I believe it has come over from America Clare, no more needs to be said:(:(

  • I'd had enough of Black Friday before mid-morning, with the number of emails received from some of the very few organisations I opt to receive emails from.

    To make matter worse, they all seemed to be bombarding with BF emails, one organisation sent 30 emails, while the rest probably averaged between 5 and 10....

    I'm still receiving BF emails, except for the one that sent 32 on Friday (I went through the bin first before emptying it), sent a stack more yesterday, and I've unsubscribed from the one that sent 32, and in the "Why have you left us" box, told them the truth.

    If Cyber Monday gives similar results, the rest will endure the same treatment....

    I'm totally fed up with being marketing fodder, and sorry to swear, but GDPR hasn't helped one little bit....

  • Agree with you here Clare, in the last couple of days I seem to have picked up a nasty chest infection and Chris has forbidden me from going out in this raw weather. This means I will not be able to visit shops so I will not suffer quite as much as some. There is still a load of rubbish on TV and from any seller you have dealt with recently. Never mind B***k Friday it seems most of the offers are on for up to a week.Maybe a good time to look for that special big pressie that you cannot live without.