I haven't posted for a long time so I thought I'd have a look and see what's new - and found they've updated the site --- and I think it's horrible!  Old non-techies like me find it hard enough if it isn't steam powered, but this looks beyond confusion to me.  And the "ribbon" thing at the top jumping about is really irritating and distracting - and the font is barely readable, being so feint.  Come on RSPB, I'm sure you could do better than this!

In the meantime, has anyone else noticed how many magpies seem to be building/renovating their nests just lately?  I find it a bit worrying.  No doubt it's due to the mild weather conditions but if (and most likely, when) we have a cold snap, I suspect there might be a lot of fatalities if they've really gone for it and laid eggs.  Any thoughts?  

  • The new format seems extremely cluttered the way posts and replies are laid out.

    Ref the magpies, I've not noticed anything here, and we have a clear view of two Magpie nests now the leaves have fallen.

  • I've not seen the Magpies up to anything unusual either, but maybe it's regional. I suppose pigeons have been known to mate all year round, so other birds might try if they have a regular food supply.

    Like Jim I did see a pair of Mallards mating recently too. 

  • It has been so warm here today I can understand the birds getting confused Dotty.   Forecast is colder for next week so maybe the magpies will return to winter mode.     Agree with your sentiments about the changes on the site.   Not at all easy to use.

  • Not seen that Dotty, but I did see two Mallards mateing this week.