A walk with my baby

Hello everyone,

I thought I might show you a little more about the area where I live now. So the walks with my baby gave me plenty opportunity to take beautiful pictures with lots of sunshine and coloured trees. Maybe I'll add new pictures now and then, so if you like, keep your eyes open.

A few kilometres away from here, we have a beautiful reservoir, where you can make a tour by boat:

And now to our little town. We have a castle here. When I go there with the baby, I carry him on my back. Going there with the pram is not a good idea, because the footpath is very steep and there are stairs, too.

In the park of the castle there is a stage, too, where they used to play theatre :

A view towards the market. In the centre: the primary-school. To the right: the church

The Church from the outside. Inside it has a famous organ, built by Mr. Silbermann.

And now a few pictures from the outside of the castle:


Finally for today: A few pictures from our walk at the riverside:

This is it for today.

Thank you very much for looking in. Kind regards, Bente

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