Moor Green Lakes: volunteers clear vegetation around Grove hide, Sunday 9th Sept

A large hoard of MGLG/BVCT members and non-member volunteers descended on Grove hide this past Sunday morning.

Ages ranged from roughly 10 to over 80. A number of new faces turned up, including young'uns volunteering for their Duke of Edinburgh awards.

10:45am and two thirds of the team getting a briefing from a BVCT (Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust) member. The other third were old hands, already busy

Our missions were to clear vegetation from around Grove hide and to work on fencing at another section of the reserve, partly to improving winter viewing and partly to maintain the area. Regretfully, I did not manage photos from the latter work party.

Great progress had been made through the first session before a tea break. I'm not sure what the memsahib is pointing at. She couldn't remember either when she saw this photo.

Is this the light at the end of the tunnel? I hacked a path to the shoreline, with my trusty bill hook, then worked my way south i.e. right to left in this photo. Simultaneously, others were clearing the shoreline to the right of this photo. One group heading south to meet up with my gap, another group heading north.

Those not working on the shoreline, fanned out either side of the path.

Everyone breaks for tea at approximately 11:45.

Tea, biscuits (some home made), and well earned rest. The fence maintenance group were still at work, but were heading back shortly after this photo was taken.

Work recommenced after the tea break. By 13:15 the primary task had been complete, and volunteers' rested their tired bodies. Some chose to concentrate on chopping stuff down. Others chose to pick up the stuff chopped down, and move it to the designated area; whilst some chose to chop and pick. It is down to what you feel comfortable doing, even if all you do is brew tea, all help is gratefully received.

The designated dumping area would normally be a bonfire, but on Sunday it was decided to add it to the existing pile to the side of Grove hide.

Shortly after (13:25), lunch was announced and everyone took off.

An area successfully cleared around Grove hide.

Classic work scene: discussing a hole.

Surveying the results of the morning.

Finally, Grove hide from the shores of Grove lake. A shot I would not have achieved when we started at 10:45 am.

The old girl and I (plus a few others) went home at this point. Thus I have no photos of what the afternoon session achieved. They concentrated on the area north of the hide, until about 15:00 or 15:30. A full update should appear on the Moor Green Lakes Group website in the near future.

No one fell into the lake, which has happened. Most managed not to get water in their wellies whilst clearing reeds on the shoreline; unlike yours truly.

All had a really good time, and were well pleased with what they had achieved. Who needs expensive gym membership when you can volunteer for activities such as this? Fresh air, full body workout, camaraderie, great tasty home made biscuits, dicing with falling into the lake.

  • It goes to show what can be achieved when many hands get together, what a difference, and much more rewarding I am sure, than a day in the gym! Well done.  

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • That looks like a good days work. What would they do without willing volunteers. I reckon you all earned your tea and biccies.



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  • In reply to TeeJay:

    That's what I call team work Angus;  a job well done when you get a group of like-minded and helpful volunteers.    As you say, when you see the results of hard graft it is really satisfying and rewarding;  can't believe the growth spurt this year despite less rainfall overall.    After a couple of hours at our local reserve we headed back for an afternoon of graft in the garden ourselves and only just finished half an hour ago !      You deserved to be treated to homemade biccies and a cuppa;   I'm just about to make myself one after my bath ! 


    Regards, Hazel 

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