Alternative Definitions

Thought I'd share an amusing section which was in a company magazine we receive ….

Alternative definitions:

Adult:   a person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle 

Beauty Parlour:    a place where women curl up and dye

Cannibal:    someone who is fed up with people

Committee:   a body that keeps minutes and wastes hours

Egotist:  someone who is usually me-deep in conversation 

Mosquito:    an insect that makes you like flies better

Raisin:    a grape with sunburn

Toothache:   the pain that drives you to extraction 

Tomorrow:   one of the greatest labour saving devices of today 

Yawn:   an honest opinion openly expressed 

Wrinkles:     something other people have, similar to my character lines 

The toothache one touches a raw nerve at the moment ………….. ( in my case anyway )    so have added my own to the list   ! 

Root Canal:     where you source a dentist and barge in for treatment         lol