Saturday In The Garden

Lovely blue skies here in Mitcham today. I should have gone to Croydon Reptiles to get more mealies, but I chose to stay home and enjoy the sunshine. Some of the local birds chose to do likewise.

This lone LTT spent about five minutes in the flowering currant. I did not see any other LTT's, so I found it rather odd that this single bird spent so long in one spot. As a group they usually pass through the garden like a swarm of locusts and are rarely there for more than a minute or two. These pics were taken through the kitchen window.

The sunshine had an effect on the Pigeon Mafia too

Little Artemis was soaking up the rays

Time for preening

Meanwhile, the arrival of a third wheel caused the Frisky Twosome to take to the chimney pots

In the skies above

Is this a Common Gull?

Just for Hazel