A Little Christmas Miracle Updated February 18th

This morning I was due to meet Louise (another Pigeon rescuer) to visit Carshalton Ponds and look for injured Pidges. There are several that have been spotted with twine and string around their feet and we were intending to attempt to catch the worst of them. As it was raining first thing, we decided to leave it a couple of hours and review the situation. By 11am the skies had cleared and we headed to the ponds. As we were passing under the bridge at Carshalton station, we spotted a small black shape on the pavement and both thought it was not a Pidge. Suddenly it moved and I got Louise to stop the car. I ran back and there was a juvenile Pidge face down on the pavement. By face down, I mean neck twisted through 180 degrees and head tucked under the body and under one leg. Had it not moved as we drove past, we might not have stopped. The Pidge was far too young to be out of the nest and the PMV most likely caused it to fall out. The Pidge was very thin and wet but had strength enough to struggle. I placed her in the pet carrier and we contacted Sarah to see if she had room for one more Pidge. As luck had it, she did. We drove to Wallington and dropped off the little Pidge. Another case of right place, right time, especially as we failed to get any of the Carshalton Ponds birds. I named the Pidge 'Angel'. Sarah says Angel has been trying to eat but its hard to tell how successful she has been as PMV Pidges make a lot of mess with their food due to lack of co-ordination.

We just have to wait now and hope that tlc gets Angel through this. There are no meds for this viral condition, so please keep your fingers crossed for little Angel.

See what I mean about the mess? At least she's trying to eat.