Trying Out A New Lens In Regents Park

I recently purchased a Sigma 600mm lens. This morning I tried it out properly for the first time. It is too much for the garden and the College Robins, where the 400mm Canon lens rules the roost, but for more expansive locations such as Leighton Moss, it might prove useful for those pesky Marsh Harriers. It won't be much use for the woodland areas if I'm getting up close and personal with the Robin population, so the 400 will be king there too. It's a very lightweight lens and that helps. Tony Duckett was with me and said it was not much heavier than the 400mm lens he was using on his Nikon, albeit his lens is probably three times the price! The weather changed from rain to blue skies and back again within a few minutes (thank you Brian) but I did have an opportunity to get  off a few shots. I missed the male Kestrel (sorry Wendy) but he's not going anywhere, so I'll have further opportunities in the future. Here are the first few pics with the new lens. It will take some getting used to, but will have its uses in the right location.

Distant Robin, heavily cropped

Cyril burying his treasure map (directions to Knutsford)

First attempt at a BIF shot

Hoping no messages are on their way down!

At least it's brown bread

As Mr Duckett noted "Do they ever stop breeding?"

Only five, so I suspect that the others would have been predated

Crow trying to get his morning coffee