Anyone in North Ayrshire?, can you help?

Over the last 2 years I have created an extensive history of the Hunterston area. I have made 6 websites all about the area, the main one is called Virtual Hunterston and gives detailed history of the whole area but I have also created smaller individual sites that go onto more detail about specific places that being "The Hunterston Oilrig Story",  "Submarine Dry Dock" ,"Hunterston Ore Terminal", and "The Hunterston A Story"

The websites are totally non commercial and all for information and nostalgia purposes. The reason I made these sites is that i was born and brought up at Hunterston so who better to make this than a complete stranger who never even been there.  I have been kind enough to receive a lot of assistance from Chicago Bridge Iron, Magnox, Costain, and Taylor Woodrow, to name a few,  who have supplied images and exciting information.

One of the section I am planning is to have something on the Bird life and wildlife at Hunterston. I am writing to you to ask if anyone at the RSPB or members would be willing to donate information and images on the Bird life around Hunterston, specifically on Hunterston Sands and inland near the Castle and hills.

 The main purpose of these website is to have as accurate and factual account of the area as possible.. I know it is a lot to ask, but as I say its totally non commercial and I am just a private individual trying to share local information and am certainly not in a financial position to do anything. I am sure many people in Ayrshire would be interested in the area as most just think of the power stations and do not realise there is more to the place than that.

I welcome you to view the website to see what I have done and to show what I am looking for. The website for the group of sites is