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    Hello Neil and welcome toyou also. Lovely photos, glad you managed it Tina. Normally others put in a welcome so I am bumping this post up.

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    Hi Catlady

    I have managed to get all the way up to Scotland (not as far as Caithness I'm afraid) twice in the last 7 years. Both times I took my teenage children to Argyle and Bute and we saw Golden Eagles, Red Throated and Great Northern Divers, Ravens, Gannets, Ospreys and Seals. This winter I have been stuck at home due to severe illness so have been frustrated not seeing any birds.

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    Hello to you all, Tina, Rita and Neil, sorry haven't been able to get to answer until now, I'm on Anglesey and mostly put up photos taken from my garden.   Great to see you have managed the forum and like the gannet Neil and the egret Tina, most of us have had our troubles putting up photos here so well done.   Glad you can join in so look forward to more photos in future.

    Lot to learn

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    Welcome Tina, Rita and Neil from me too (I'm in Cheshire area)   Lovely to see the Little Egret and the Gannet photos and look forward to your future posts.  Welcome again.


    Regards, Hazel 

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    Welcome to the community Neil, am just getting the hang of how to use this, great picture of the Gannet if I haven't already said so.

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    Hi Catlady, thank you for the welcome, now getting the hang of how to use this. I usually look on my ipad, and there doesn't seem to be the reply option, now realise that if I come to my laptop I can reply.

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    Glad you like the photos Hazy and thanks for the welcome.

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    Hi all, my latest photo of Short Eared Owl taken this morning at Fen Drayton. Haven't managed to get a decent photo of him flying, yet.

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    Hi and welcome Tina. That is a gorgeous pic of the SEO.

    Kind regards