Condensation Conundrums.

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    Very well done to all of you, most of birds have been correctly ID’d, but perhaps a few extra clues before we wipe the condensation from the windows.

    1. The correct answer has been suggested, but do you really want to change your mind?

    3. Most of you are on the right track for this one.

    4. Breeds much farther north than the Caribbean.

    5. I’ve tried to add a wee bit of wit to this mother & youngster shot.

    6. Again, do you really want to change your answer for this one?

    10. He could be diving for a small protruding area of grass.

    12. It’s almost time to reveal this one.

    Thanks again to everyone for joining in, it helps to pass a bit of time on these dreary days.

    Answers coming soon. :-)

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    It's not a whimbrel then? ;-) (thought I could see more head detail on ipad).

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    I'll change a couple of my answers based on your clues

    4) I'm going for Bonxie (Great Skua) from the white wing patches.

    5) Lapwing and wee one.

    Can't get 10 from the clue



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    Can't decide if you're teasing Robbo and 1 is a curlew. I'll stick.

    Teejay and the clue have convinced me 5 was a Lapwing after all even if I was looking at the chick!

    After guessing 10 might be a duck, dare I suggest it's a Tuftie...

    Have no real idea over the gulls/skuas/fulmars even after the clues, so won't change.


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    Having had a look at the clues, is 12 a Nightjar?

    EDIT & is 5 a Lapwing

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

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    Tweaks from original guesses based on clues....

    1 curlew

    2 sprawk

    3 water rail

    4 (herring gull) replace with iceland gull

    5 (wood pigeons) replace with lapwings

    6 fulmar

    7 wheatear

    8 redshank

    9 LTD

    10 (puffin) replace with tufted duck

    11 shoveler

    12 cuckoo

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    Well done to everyone, as I expected, between you all of the Condensated Conundrums have been ID’d correctly. I always worry that I may have made things too difficult when I do this type of thing, but each time you seem to get all of the answers correct. On the other side of the coin, because I already know the answers the pictures seem very obvious to me and then I worry that it’ll be too easy.!! :-)

    Anyway, I forgot to bring my best window wiping cloth so I’ve just given the glass a wee rub with my fingertips to reveal what’s on the other side.

    1. Curlew

    2. Sparrowhawk.

    You had no problems with this one (which is sadly more than could be said for the remains of the Starling in his talons).!!

    3. Water Rail.

    The additional clue of being on the right track pointed to this one.

    4. Great Skua (Bonxie).

    As I’ve said, when you already know the answer it seems all too obvious but you all knew it was a 'Gull' type bird and it was never going to be easy due to the many variations in plumage. The additional clue (Breeds much farther north of the Caribbean) was intended to help guide you towards the breeding range of the Great Skua, and the Caribbean was a (very) vague trigger to perhaps think of 'Pirates of the Caribbean'; the Great Skua also being known to be a ‘Pirate of the sky’.

    5. Lapwing.

    The 'wee bit of wit' clue leading towards the Peewit nickname for this bird. I know, another difficult one but I'm not so sneaky as to have two different species in the same photo (although I may put that thought on the backburner for possible further quizzes)  :-)

    6. Fulmar.

    One of my very favourite birds. No-one else does riding the updrafts with quite the same flare and enthusiasm.!!

    7. Wheatear (male).

    8. Redshank.

    I had hoped that the distinct legs being submerged in the surf may have thrown you off the trail, but it was not to be. :-)

    9. Long-tailed Duck (male).

    The unusual pose didn't deter you from arriving at the correct ID.

    10. Tufted Duck (male).

    I’ll admit that I may have been a bit sneaky to add this one which I knew would be difficult due to his head position between the open wings. The additional clue; He (male) could be diving (feeding behaviour) for a small protruding area of grass (tuft); I think this may have helped but I'm not entirely sure that written clues are exactly my calling.!!  Maybe next time I’ll get Hazy to help me with written clues, she's much better at them than I am. :-)

    11. Shoveler (male).

    12. Cuckoo.

    The additional clue (It’s almost time to reveal this one) was another one of my very vague clues relating to a Cuckoo clock.!!

    Hazel: I really do wish it was a Nightjar as I’ve never seen one, but I can see how the additional clue would lead to this answer as well. :-)

    Once again, congratulations, and many thanks to everyone for giving this a bash.

    My fingertips are damp and cold now from rubbing the condensation off the windows. I may just sit for a while and drum them on my desktop as I ponder how to defeat you all in some other type of quiz.!!

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    Brilliant Paul, I shall have to pay more attention to your seabirds in future, must try harder! Thanks for brightening a couple of dull days!

    Best wishes

    Hazel in the Gironde estuary, France

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    Yes, thanks for your time and effort.

    I'm happy enough with my tally under those trying circumstances :)

    ... and I'd say you judged the difficulty very well, given we all got some but not all.


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