Jackdaw nests

Hello! I am thinking of providing a non-working chimney pot/ stack on my house roof for jackdaws to nest in. For long they have nested in a real chimney in the roof (fires are not lit) but almost yearly an adult or fledging falls down the stack to grate level in the summer, I assume when the birds' weight collapses the stick nest. Uninjured adults will simply use an open window to escape. But the tragedy is with the youngsters - too immature to fly and only lucky if they descend uninjured and right down to the hearth so I can then transport to a refuge.

My question: how deep and wide would the new " false" chimney, with a flat base at the stack top, need to be to encourage nesting in it? Once accommodated in the alternative home I could then get the real chimney pot capped off - saving bird lives. Thanks.

  • * should be "uninjured adults" above.
  • One problem would maybe convincing the birds to use the false chimney pot, maybe fit a cowl to the real pots ? Jackdaw nests vary from a few loose sticks in a hole to a large raft of sticks in the fork of a tree We had a nest in a hole where the soffits on the edge of the roof had rotted. When the soffits were replaced the remains of the nest weighed over 14 lb so quite a substantial structure


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  • In reply to Seaman:

    Definitely fit a cowl.

    Often nest building will start in much colder times, and chimneys tend to warmer places, so you can't blame any bird for building a nest on an active chimney pot.

    They are readily available, and without spikes from most good builders merchants.


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