Young swallows

We have swallows that nest in our stables every year. Yesterday we found one on the ground - tried to put it back in nest but think I made it worse as it upset remaining chicks and they all kind of flew to the ground. After several attempts at putting them back and same thing happening we have left them on the straw in stable (we have put horse in another stable).  My question is - will the parents still feed them on the ground ? They are flying about making a lot of noise but don’t appear to be actually feeding them. The chicks are well feathered but obviously not able to fly properly yet. I can’t bear the thought of them dying - they are so beautiful and healthy looking. Any help would be appreciated Thank you 

  • You quite probably have disturbed the nest and frightened the parents off, and while your intentions were well meaning, and this will seem harsh, nature is harsh (not that there's an excuse for humans to be cruel), you should really have nature to its own.

    There is a chance that the chicks think you were going to feed them by going to the nest, hence the noise, compounded by the fact the parents may stop feeding them.

    I realise my reply is four days from your original posting, I wonder if you can provide any update on the nest situation, without actually intruding?


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