Robin nest

Hi all. 

Over the last about 4 weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to have a robin make a nest in a nest box id placed in a tree outside by living room window. I’ve had an amazing view of her building the nest, laying the eggs and sitting on them and about a week ago they hatched and I’ve got to watch her back and forth feeding 4 chicks. 

 I haven’t disturbed the nest but as the box is in our front garden I regularly go out to my car etc and the robin is used to me being around and hasn’t ever seemed bothered by us being around.

Yesterday, I spotted a cat under the nest box. I looked out the window because I could hear the robin making a noise I’d not heard before. She must have been alarmed by the cat. I got rid of the cat but she continued to be quite loud all last night. 

unfortunately I knew something was wrong this morning by the way the robins were acting around nest, not going in but being very vocal in the bush and in the garden. I had a quick look and all the chicks are dead. I’m absolutely gutted! 

what should I do now? 

  • Perhaps the fact that you could view all that was happening in the Robins nest box suggests it wasn't positioned correctly hidden enough! And that's why it was easy spotted by the cat.

    Am afraid now you do nothing as cruel as it maybe as nestboxes shouldn't be touched until September for cleaning.

    (Pardon the Scottish Accent)

  • While it may seem harsh, do nothing.

    Nature will take its course and there's still plenty of time for the robins to start another brood.

    However, you may want to consider raising the nest box at the end of the nesting season to make it less accessible to cats, but not before the end of September when the nesting season has finished.


    Flickr Peak Rambler