Rats and a bbird seed feeder

We have a small garden surrrounded by trees with berries. We have an RSPB bird feeder with a cone at the base to stop squirrels. But the seeds from the feeder on the ground have attacted rats! Any suggestions, or devices available, for stopping them. Alvin

  • I think the first thing to do would be to remove the food, and clean the area where the seeds have fallen, and hopefully the rats will move on to a different food source. I think the normal timescale to stop the feeding is 3-4 weeks. Also, then possibly get a feeder that has a tray to catch dropped seeds.
  • As PB says, remove the food, all of the food, especially food from the ground.

    I had a single rat last year, ALL the feeders were removed and as much food as possible was removed from the ground. The feeders were kept away, but only with the use of trailcams downloaded daily were they reinstated.

    I've  deliberately not specified a time before reinstating the feeders because it will depend on many factors, though as PB says, typically 3 - 4 weeks should be a good starting point.

    I use trailcams  a lot in the garden, so the sighting of a rat was instant and nipped in the bud very quickly.

    If you can clear the seed that has spilt on the ground regularly, that will help to deter rats and the baffle dome will also make it awkward (but not impossible, I've seen a YouTube vid of one large rat negotiating a dome) for them to climb the feeders

    I hope that helps.


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