Feeding birds in garden

Should I still feed the birds in my garden our elderly cat killed a resident blackbird today who’s been with us for two years the cat has poor eyesight and the blackbird ignore him but now I’m thinking am I doing more harm than good 

  • Hiya.

    You are probably going to get mixed replies on this subject but I just wanted to reply to you.

    My personal opinion is no I wouldn't stop feeding the birds. I also have a cat and have managed for 2 years feeding the birds. Yes he has killed a few sparrows and yes he would like to kill a few more as he is a cat.
    But I have built a routine with him now where he goes out late at night and I get him in early in morning before the birds come. He is happy with that and no birds are killed.

    I also have neighbours cats to worry about but I scare them off when I see them coming anywhere near my garden.

    Please try not to feel too disheartened by what's happened. It's not nice at all but I wouldn't give up.

    Kath xxxx
  • Thanks for reply will carry on feeding and hopefully the male blackbird will get another mate