Reeves Pheasant

A reeves pheasant who wasn't bothered by me in the slightest. Does anyone know if they are bred in the UK?

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    Where do Reeves's Pheasants live?
    The Reeves's Pheasant is native to evergreen forests of central and eastern parts of China.

    They have been introduced into the United Kingdom, France and the Czech Republic, where small breeding populations have been established. They have also been introduced into the United States, but for sport and ornamental purposes - in other words, you're not likely to find one in the wild in the US.

    In the other countries listed above, these pheasants are also released into the wild on a small scale for shooting alongside common pheasants.



  • Most Reeves Pheasants seen in the UK are escapees from a collection although I think a small number have gone feral and bred in the wild


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  • Not an expert but I believe they are bred in UK and there are the usual escapees or released birds which will breed in the wild and seem to survive just as other pheasants do, I've also seen a male Reeves pheasant in the wild too although not sure they are such common birds to see.

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