Hi I have just joined this community. I need some advice please. A moorhen has been pecking around my garden for the past couple of weeks. I have a small pond in the front garden but it is not interested in that. It's in the back garden where the bird feeders are. There is a pond in a park about half a mile away so I think it must have got lost somehow. My question is,do I leave it to make its own way back or do I try and catch it and take it back to the water. It's destroying my grass. Thanks.

  • Dupl. Copied response to what was written on other post...

    It is normal for moorhens to crop up away from water, or near tiny areas of water. You mentioned on one of your posts about bird feeders. The two options are to either stop feeding the birds, incl the moorhen, so it moves off. Or, move the bird feeders away from the lawn to an area you don't mind the moorhen foraging. Trying to catch the moorhen is a big no-no.