Garden Birds

Hello to very one. I have been feeding birds in my garden for years but this year they don’t seem to be around the same. I buy my seed from rspb and have feeders in different parts of my garden. I have a courtyard garden. The feeder are all in sheltered areas. The birds are just not using them. I have a bird bath and water. Help! Moira 

  • Hello Moira, welcome to the community. As you have been looking after and feeding the birds for a long time you know what to see and where and you are doing is the same as you always have. I am sure the foods you are using has no impact on the shortage of birds. I do notice a difference at certain times of year when they are lower in numbers or are not there at all, which I am sure you have seen yourself. A couple of things I could think of are, has anything changed in the surrounding area, trees or hedging been taken down, building works etc, that will make a difference to the birds or has the Sparrowhawk been about, this will make them take cover and keep away for times but no for a long time, as they will return to food.

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