Black redstart (female/juvenile)

Hello everyone,

I'm very new to this. 

I have, on and off for quite some time seen a bird that wasn't amongst the regulars to my garden. It would appear for a day or two, then i wouldn't see it for quite some time, then i would see it again. For the longest time i was having difficulty identifying the bird. 

After seeing it again today, i was able to identify it as a Black Redstart (female/juvenile). I also found out they are in the red conservation status. 

My questions are, do i need to report this sighting any where for records or stats? And if so, how do i go about doing it?

Any information would be a great help, thank you. 

M. Penny.

  • Hi,

    Good garden tick. Re 'red status', that is down to breeding population pressure on the species in terms of trend. In UK, they were heavily reliant on London population. For most of UK though, they're migrants and as far as I'm aware, black redstarts are continuing to do ok in Europe and elsewhere (compared to other similar species).

    How long have you had your visitor? Assuming you are in the UK, roughly where abouts? Most migrants settle into a place down by the south coast.
  • Hey,

    Thank you for responding. I appreciate it.
    I first saw the bird, roughly the start of the year, i think. Can't remember exactly I'm afraid.
    I live in south wales, about 10-15 minute drive from the beach/coast. I guess thats why I'm seeing the bird. Must be part of the migrant population.

    Thank you again Robbo.
  • I'd report it as you're there. I found this website. It has an interactive map with contact details etc which should cover your area. They may well ask for a photo, and always handy to have one anyway. No harm raising it as a possible sighting, esp as it might be backed up by other peoples' reports.

  • Ah brilliant, thank you for the help and advice! Hopefully I'll be able to get a photo next time it comes round. Not been able to so far. Never a camera handy when you need one.
    Thank you again!