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  • Hi Jean if you are using your phone and it's showing the mobile version of the site you may see this layout.

    To get the full Rick formatting layout you need to switch to desktop view, what browser are you using?

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    Hi Alan, I use my Apple iPad all the time and that is what I see, the 5 options at the top (don't get the bit at the bottom) once I pick where my photos are, they go straight into the post, no option to change size, it is set already. When I used the Puffin browser I could change sizes, style and size of writing, (unless there is a way that I have not found) but Apple have now dropped that so I have to use their safari browser. I can only post one photo at a time as well now! So have to add one, post, then edit and add the next, a real pain. iPad is 6 years old now and a lot of the main browsers are not compatible!

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    TeeJay said:
    Thanks Mike. I think I managed to take a screenshot but I'm now in a Catch 22 situation because I can't post the image from my phone. LOL I think Jean is going to have to work it out for herself.

    You're welcome.

    If you want to find out more with regards to sharing, let me know and I'll help where I can.


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