any one tell the best time of the day to visit to see the waders plz.?

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    I've never been to Snetisham, but generally I think people say a rising tide, as it pushes the birds closer to the viewing area's. There are a few forum folk from over that way, so they'll have a better idea than me though.
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    ok thank u..ive heard that .its say high is about 7am on mon +tue..we wouldnt get there untill 10.30-11.00...was woundering if we would be better of waiting untill high tide is earlyer
  • I think you need to look at Snettisham web site as it has tide times/dates for the best wader experience. It changes daily and weekly. Some months there are no high enough tides to be worth visiting.
    From my past experience most are quite early morning, but look on the reserves web site.


  • As well as tide, the other important consideration is whether you're in the area anyway or travelling miles. If the latter, no point going unless tides fit in.
  • Planning to visit Snettisham tomorrow is parking easy and are there any facilities there?
    Believe high tide is just before 3:00 pm so planning to get there around noon.
    Glad to recieve any advice on vantage points etc