Plastics and Litter removal, Poole Harbour

My name is Miles and I am a member of the Maritime Volunteer Service Poole Unit.

We train and patrol Poole Harbour reminding boaters of our local by-laws.

I have noticed that there is a lot of rubbish left drifting on our Harbour, so I set up a team of us to collect all types of litter, trying to keep our wildlife safe. 

Please see this link below as it would be great to work together along side of the RSPB.

For more information please contact me.

Take care


  • Miles, I wish you every success with you litter pick, which is a sad sign of the times that folk cannot take their litter home.

    Could I make a suggestion, for those not on Facebook (like me, the link is locked to Facebook users only), or any other form of social media, are you able to supply other contact details, and I appreciate no personal details for the obvious reasons.


    Flickr Peak Rambler