Newbie and need help with ID

Hi everyone, this is my first post.

I'm very lucky where I live and have so many different birds visit our garden. We see buzzards daily and have even had a sparrowhawk come into the garden (we back onto a woodland).  This afternoon I heard a "keeyoo" sounding call and managed to capture the bird flying overhead. Unfortunately it was too high for a crisp photo, but any help in IDing would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello blossom and welcome to the community forum. I think the bird in your photograph is a Common Buzzard, they do make a "mew-ing" call as they fly; The underwing markings also look very similar to that of a buzzard. Lovely birds to see, especially under a blue sky as in your lovely photo.


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Hello and welcome to the forum

    I too think a common buzzard, and a nice photo as well.


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  • Thanks to you both for replying. We have 3 buzzards that come over daily and this sounded unlike a buzzard and was much bigger, unfortunately the photo doesn't show the scale. It came back again this morning but I only got the silhouette. I'll upload a photo later when I take it off my camera maybe I should try recording the sound too. Thanks again
  • It looks good for Common Buzzard to me, they do make a few variations of mewing and youngsters sound a bit like Red Kites when calling for food


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