What is this bird?

Hello, I’ve been a member for four years and this is my first post.  I’m an amateur birdwatcher/photographer that has traveling in Spain and Portugal for the past four years. One my way back to the UK I stopped at Serta in central Portugal on Thursday 19-Aug-2021 and while walking next to the river I spotted a few of these strange birds that looked and sounded like a type of canary. I managed to get some photographs and a video/sound recording but there was a lot of background noise. They were small about 10 cm and having a duet.  Please help.


  • Hi Hliope and welcome tothe community.
    Rather than anything exotic I'm going to suggest they are juvenile Goldfinches. If you look at the markings on the back and tail in the first photo they seem to me very Goldfinch like. I can't think what else they could be with markings like that. Also, Goldfinches twittering sound quite canary like
    I may be wrong so feel free to wait for further opinions.



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  • I'm a novice at bird watching but I thought of a young goldfinch too. The shape of the bird is very much like the juvenile goldfinches I have seen in my garden. Below is a (not very good) photo of one.

  • I'd go for juvenile Goldfinch on all these photos as well


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  • Welcome with your first post, and like the others, I'm inclined to say juvenile goldfinch, the mottled yellow/black/white plumage patches give it away.


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  • I'd agree- looks similar to the juvenile goldfinches I've seen