Fancy a Date?

Hi All,

  I record the visitors to my garden, until recently, daily. Blackbirds are visiting for the sultanas every day. Tomorrow is a very important date. The 1st of August.

  On the 31st of July every year, for the last seven years (when I started recording bird visitors), blackies were in abundance. The dawn Corus was dwindling but they were still here. In my garden that is.

   On the 1st of August, to the day, every single year, they stopped attending and would not be seen until the spring. Not one. Nil, zilch, zero. Is this usual? Has anyone else experienced this?

   Does the black cap appear the same time every year? If you get more than one black cap per year you are blessed.

   On a particular day do the dissimulation of long tail tits appear?

   Have you heard the cuckoo on the same day every year? Or the last time you heard it, on the same day every year? Mind you I have not heard a cuckoo for three years.

   I am very interested in this (unusual?) phenomena?

   Do you fancy a date? Did you have special "bird" dates? Please reply even if it is a negative.

Toodle pip.