Blackbirds infertile

My Garden Blackbird is laying eggs but they are not hatching anyone else seen this.. There seem to be very few Blackbird young around, there usually are.. They now have Magpies to contend with as well as cats.. 

  • How many nests, when were the eggs laid and are any still being incubated?

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    2 nests,, 3 eggs in this last one, yes she is still sitting but often resting next to nest too as so hot.. 3/4 weeks now..
  • Does sound like they aren't going to hatch now. Weather clearly is against them. Not sure when the first nest failed, but the particularly dry April with the overnight frosts would also have been against them. There could be an issue with the male, either not being around or not enough food. Re lack of young blackbirds, 2021 there is a lack of young of most species. Goldfinches have done particularly well here. But many other garden species have had a disastrous breeding season due to weather.