Solo chiff chaff driving me mad

Hello everyone 

I was wondering if I could get some help on a chiff chaff That has arrived on a tall tree in my garden.

i have moved In to the South Downs and moved here for the bird song and all the other sounds etc, however this chiff chaff sounds like a rusty bike wheel from 4am to 8pm. It’s so loud it comes though the walls and sitting in the garden it drowns out all other sounds and no other birds go near it.

Am I in for a a lifetime of a rusty bike wheel sounds or will it move on? 
it arrived last week June 3rd. 

honestly im Not a bird hater in fact the opposite and  just want some active on keeping my sanity   

  • If it's a Chiffchaff it will migrate back to Africa at the end of summer but are you sure that is what it is ? I cannot remember hearing a Chiffchaff so loud it drowned out other birds.


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • 100% a chiff chaff I’ve used YouTube chiff chaff calls and they match. Playing one loud makes it fly away for a while but it comes right on back,

    It’s a tiny little thing but with massive vocals. My only hope may be to chop the dead tree down but that’s a bit excessive.

    I don’t think I can share my garden summer with this little big mouth ha ha
  • Nature is free roaming, apart from drastic changes to your immediate environment, if any species (that includes trees/plants/weeds etc) feels it is good enough to make home, then it will.

    Nature has had to adapt to our way of changing the environment so it can survive, and short of removing all natural plants, trees etc, they will aim to make any suitable place home, that is the art of species survival, something we as a species have been doing for centuries, and longer.


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