Robins nested in garden bin

Hello, I’m looking for some advice please. A Robin family has nested in our garden bin which is lovely, you can see in the video how they are getting in. I’m pretty sure the chicks hatched a week ago as I heard chirping 7 days ago, and both the parents are very busy flying in and out with food and I think I’ve even seen them come out with poo from cleaning the nest! I am feeding them live mealworms which they love. I can’t hear any chirping from the nest now, should they be making noise? I obviously haven’t opened the lid to check on them as I don’t want to disturb them or scare the parents away but I am concerned about them, if the parents are still active then thats a good sign right? I’m also concerned they may fall down the bin when they try to fledge but again I can’t check how dense the top is without opening the lid! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I’ve become quite obsessed with this little Robin family. Thank you