Garden Full of Starling Fledglings

Hi everyone

This is the 2nd year that I have had baby starlings come with their parents and what a joy it is. 

I wanted to do my bit as Starlings have declined 80% and I have all sorts of other birdies coming every day.

But.... and I feel sad to write this. I have so many Fledglings this year, the noise is constant from before 7am to after 7pm.  I give them good grub to be fair but my neighbours are beginning to be nasty to me re the noise and bird poo on their fence (which they put wire on the top)!!!

I feel very protective of them as their parents brought them here and I feel like a shepherd would with their sheep and lambs.  I know I must sound silly.

So, I cant stop feeding them all together as thats not right , but can I just cut back to early, midday and afternoonish?

Would love to hear from you 


  • I think you could gently reduce and then stop the feeding Alison over a few days if it makes you feel better about it. At this time of year there will be plenty of natural food around, Starlings are a very resourceful bird and they will find food locally


    Birding is for everyone no matter how good or bad we are at it,enjoy it while you can

  • Glad to hear you have birdies coming Alison, even although there are many! Yes I agree with Pete, reduce the feeding, they will find other food sources, so hopefully the noise and the mess will not be as bad.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • The most important way to help starlings is to provide safe nesting places. From what you've written, your visitors don't nest there? Definitely worth investing in a starling nest box. That would be of far more benefit for the species than feeding. They may have struggled a bit when the dry weather dragged on in April, but are more than capable of finding food, esp now the ground is less solid.
  • Thank you for replying and your advice.
    Robbo - what wall facing will the starling box need to be on?
  • High up, under the eaves ideally, facing North or East.