Worried about ducks

Hi everyone,

My neighbour acquired a duck around Christmas time and today 2 more have appeared.  We live in terraced houses with very small back yards and they only have a tiny plastic paddling pool - about 1 meter in diameter and the water is about 10 cm deep and always filthy.

I was concerned when they were only keeping 1 duck in that environment but now there are 3 I am really worried its not healthy for them.

Does anyone have any advice?

Many thanks in advance. 

  • Hi there
    I would call your wildlife centre and see what they say.
  • Think this is more a welfare related question. If it's unsuitable or unsafe for ducks, RSPCA would be the probably option. Not sure the description is grim enough for them to get involved. 'Far from ideal' isn't something they'd want to get too involved in. I see countless 'borderline' conditions dogs and other pets are kept in, incl ducks and chickens. Rabbits & guinea pigs possibly worst kept of all pets. If you're sure the conditions are unsafe, I'd try RSPCA.