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Hi guys new here and not entirely sure I’m posting in the right place but I have a quick question about a sudden disappearance of 99% of the birds in my garden. The last 2 years our feeders have been packed with goldfinches, greenfinches, Chaffinches, Great tits, blue tits, black caps and many others but over the last month all but just the robins, black birds and Dunnocks have stopped coming down to feed. We have no cats or dogs, I’ve cleaned the feeders and changed the food but still nothing. Just wondering if this is a common occurrence or something anyone else is experiencing? Not sure if it could be connected to the really cold Spring we’re having. Any feed back would be welcomed and if I’ve put this in the wrong spot please point me in the right direction! Thank you!


  • Many of the species you listed are migratory. Blackcaps, for instance, won't come to feeders outside of Autumn-early Spring as they tend to be migrant birds rather than UK breeders. Goldies also will largely have been migrants on your feeders in Winter. All species will be breeding now, or gettig ready to. Unless your garden is large, most species won't be breeding there. The pattern should be similar each year, where as soon as daylight gets longer, and temps increase, birds disperse.

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    Ok wicked, thanks for the feedback