I’ve been feeding a blackbird now for roughly a year- it flies over to a feeding table when I call it- even when it’s high up in a tree 

However, it’s now screeching and flying literally towards me & im having to duck! It still sits on the feeding table to be fed though!
Can anyone enlighten me as to why it’s become a flying missile but still wants feeding??!!!

  • I think you might be a bit too close to its nest so it's being 'protective' around that vicinity.
  • Was the 'screeching' anything like the, say, Chink call listed here?

  • Hi, it sounded very much like the alarm rattle but instead of it flying away, its actually flying straight towards me.
  • I know where it’s nest is and it’s nowhere near me.. it’s situated in the opposite house garden. I see the blackbird sitting on their roof & when it sees me, it flies over for food but now making this alarm rattle sound.
  • In reply to John Harvey:

    Hmm in that case I could only make a few guesses. Perhaps it's trying to get your attention since you're a food source but, in my personal experience, they could also use the alarm rattle as a sort of 'precautionary' measure if something has made them more on edge. Maybe they think the distance of flight to you is long enough to warrant an alarm rattle as a precautionary measure.

    How long as it been making the noise and flying at you?
  • Probably only about a week or so but it waits to see me outside my front door then whoosh!
  • Silly question, but why do you believe the nest is in a different garden? Also, is it possible that if it was in that garden, it's since failed and he has chosen a site in yours? Certainly, I agree with Josh's first thought.
  • Anyway, I’ll go outside in future with a hard hat on!
    Thanks very much for your comments & advice.
  • What I should also have said, but only just noticed, is that you said the blackbird can see you at your front door from next door's roof. That means he can also see any pyracantha, yew or other suitable nest options that may be near your front door. Most birds know not to loiter about the area of their nests during incubation. The roof sounds a good vantage point if the nest is in your garden.
  • Well, Ive now & again been feeding it mealy worms - it stuffed probably about 10 in its beak then flew off, over the road & into opposite neighbours garden.